Ahad, 8 Ogos 2010

True FrienDship neVer Dies..

At Rg Ministry Church..

form six..hehe..rindunya saya dgn mereka..

with my economy teacher..Tn. Suhardam...

a real friends is hard to find...difficult to leave...and impossible to FORGET!!

friendship isn't a BIG thing..It's a Million little things...

A friends is like a flower

a rose to be exact

or maybe like a brand new gate

that never comes unlatched.

A friends is like an owl

both beautiful and wise

or perhaps a friend is like a ghost

whose spirit never dies.

A friends is like a heart that goes

strong until the end.

where would we be in this world

if we didn't have a FRIENDS..

2 ulasan:

  1. hi diel,,cantik blog
    da pic sy lg tu hehe

  2. hehehe..thnxx mey...blog kamu pun cantik..siap ada muzik lagi..ajarlah sy...hehe..